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Do you need your business space partitioned to create more organised workstations? Flow Fit Out is a client-centric firm that has been providing fit out services to the entire Adelaide metropolitan. Our clients range from medical practices to home offices and corporate workstations. Over the last few years, we have designed and implemented scores of office buildings across the city. Our team focuses on providing an efficient service while at the same time saving your money. This means we often use strategies such as adaptive reuse of existing furniture, and smart interior design.

Why Us

Looking for a great office partitions contractor can be a real hassle. It is absolutely important that you work with a professional or firm who has the knowledge, skills and experience to make your vision a reality. Our corporate teams are experts at what they do. When we get your call, we bring in years of design knowledge, creative insight and practical experience to the job. That means we’re able to tackle the challenges that would otherwise complicate a business space design project. We acknowledge your unique requirements and work within your financial and other constraints. Most importantly, we make sure that you’re a part of each and every step during the partitioned so that we can attain the results you’re looking for.


 Here are some of the reasons why our company is a trustable partner for office partition jobs:

  • Optimal Value – we have put together a delivery system that gets a good job done while keeping more money in your pocket. Our team makes sure to engage you when brainstorming design ideas, technologies, products and strategies to reduce your partitioning costs. This gives you the optimal value-for-money solution that you’ve been looking for.
  • One-Off Price – our team gives you an upfront, fixed-price price estimate for the design and partitioning project. Unlike other firms in this industry, we do not implement unexpected price hikes somewhere along the way. This makes the entire job easy to follow through with. It is also convenient for you as you don’t have to plan for any financial tsunamis. Considered that you do not bring in additional requirements after work has commenced, the initial price estimate will be all you pay at the end.
  • Prompt Delivery – if your need your new office partitions fast, we are the right people for the job. Our creative design team gets the job done quickly. We save up to 30% of the time that’s otherwise lost in traditional design-bid contracts. Since we have eliminated sub-processes and activities that lead to excessive time consumption and done away with unnecessary documentation, our sole focus is working on the real issues before the stipulated completion date.

There are many reasons why you might need to partition your office. For instance, you might need to create space for extra staff. You might also want to designate a specific room for team meetings. Reorganization and downsizing are some two other reasons why you might need this done. Regardless of what your motivation is, we get an efficient, cost-friendly and prompt job done for you!

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